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Billy’s Story – Mentoring

Billy hadn’t been to school for over 2 years due to massive levels of anxiety.

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Billy, a young carer was 15 when MAPS met with him. At this point he hadn’t been to school for over 2 years due to massive levels of anxiety. He worried about leaving the family member he cared for and struggled with his own self esteem. Billy had become overweight due to poor diet because of financial constraints and the fact that he had to cook for himself. His anxiety meant that he lost contact with many of his friends, this impacted the problem further and he become more isolated. The only solace Billy could find was in gaming.

Gaming gave him the time and space away from his responsibilities, in an environment where he felt safe and was on hand to help as needed. Online gaming increased his confidence as he was very good at it and made lots of friends online.

MAPS matched Billy with a mentor that was also interested in online gaming and there was an instant connection around all things tech. With the support of his mentor Billy decided that he wanted to get fit, so MAPS supported him and his mentor to access various sports and activities. Over the 12 months Billy lost 2 ½ stone!

Since the mentoring finished Billy’s life is very different, he is more confident, he feels better about himself and now its not only because he is great at gaming! Billy now works for a public service helping other people when they are in need and still enjoys his time gaming, he has the perfect balance.

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