How Does CBD Works For the Well-being of Your Cat?


CBD is becoming a popular concept and people using CBD are increasing every day. It not only provides health benefits to humans but also helps to treat a number of health conditions in animals too. Even, cat owners are showing interest to give CBD for their feline friend as it is one of the best choices available to improve the wellbeing of their cat.

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CBD for cats

CBD will be extracted from the cannabis plant leaves, stalk and flowers. Unlike other cannabis it will not cause psychoactive effect or hallucination and it is a user-friendly drug. CBD helps to increase the life’s quality by giving relief from anxiety, pain, and inflammation, CBD is becoming an excellent medicine for cats as well.

Like us, a cat will also contain cannabinoid receptors in its nervous system and brain.  These receptors help to regulate the body functioning, so when you give CBD oil to your cat, its body functions more effectively.

Benefits of CBD for cats

CBD helps to deal with muscle spasms, anti-inflammatory effects, and even helps to fight against cancer cells. Also, it deals with various conditions including infections, aggression, appetite, stress, and more. You have to be patient when you give CBD to your cat because it takes nearly one month for you to notice the effects.

Cats will often suffer from anxiety and fear, when there are thunderstorm or firework and experience symptoms like aggressive behavior, constant meowing or hiding away. This becomes a serious issue for owners. CBD helps to relieve your cat from anxiety symptoms.

Cannabis will be used for recreational or medical purpose because it will not cause psychoactive effects like THC. CBD will be used for pain relief in pets as it will not harm or create discomfort for your pet. According to a report, most of the cat owners have noticed good results when using CBD even in serious conditions.

When you purchase a CBD product you have to know about the CBD products available in the market for your cat and the difference of quality in CBD products. Factors such as concentration, extraction method, and ingredients added will affect the quality of a product.

CBD dosage for cats

Cats require a small dosage of CBD because they are smaller than us. Generally, dosage depends on your cat health condition, age, and weight. In case, you buy CBD products made for cat, then check the label for right dose and follow it accordingly.

To treat Pancreatitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in your cat start giving 0.1-0.5mg/kg daily twice, for seizures you can give up to 5mg/kg daily twice and this dosage varies depending on the problem. Also, you can contact a veterinarian to discuss about the right dosage. If your cat is the new user of CBD then start with a low dosage and notice its response to CBD.




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