Methods To Save Money On Freight Shipment

Freight shipping can be costly. Often, the shipping costs are almost as high as the shipment. We are aware of the pain this can cause. So, we have created a list that will help you save some money.

We have ways to save money on Shipping.

1. Ship Terminal From the Terminal

Dropping your shipment off at a terminal to pick it up or dropping it off at one can help you save money on many freight charges, such as restricted access, residential tailgate, fuel, appointment, and other fees.

Terminal and terminal Shipping are considered “business to business” (B2B) or dock to ship. B2B shipping, which is the industry standard, is the cheapest option. The downside to this option is that the shipment must be delivered to/from the terminal.

2. Palletize Your Shipments

This is not an exact rule since carrier policies are different. However, some carriers will be more willing to pay for non-palletized freight due to lower manoeuvrability.

Palletizing is a cost-saving method that can be used to reduce shipping costs. However, Pallet Online can help prevent damage. This is the epitome, where a penny saved can be a penny earned. Money saved is less damaging. Reusing pallets can also be a more sustainable option.

3. Reuse Your Pallets & Crates

This one is quite obvious. If you are shipping more often, reuse your packaging. Your consignee may be going to ship back something you shipped, so they can reuse the pallet or box you sent.

Be aware that most pallets/crates do NOT need to have their shipment offloaded. All you need to do is make sure your shipments arrive in good condition.

4. Make Your Shipment Stackable

If possible, ensure that your shipment can handle the weight of the other one.

Pallet Carriers aim to maximise the space inside their trucks. Therefore, a non-stackable shipment is more expensive (potentially significantly more) than a stackable one.

If your shipment isn’t stackable, think about how you can top-stack it only.

However, top-stackable items may be charged extra by carriers who consider them non-stackable. You should check with your Pallet Delivery Service before making any shipments. Pallet Online’s mission is to make sure you get the lowest possible rate. We know which carriers will allow for what, and we use this knowledge to your advantage.

5. Ship Intermodal

When it comes down to ground shipping, shipping your freight by road is most convenient. You can save some money by Shipping intermodal. However, Shipping intermodal is simply shipping using multiple modes of transportation (road-rail, ocean, and air) for one trip.

Road and rail are the most preferred mode of transportation for land shipping. This means that your shipment would move via train.

It is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and takes longer to ship freight by train. We don’t recommend using this method if you have an urgent shipment. Intermodal Shipping might be something you consider if you want to save some money.

6. Use a Consolidator

Consolidators, including rail consolidators, can be the most economical way to ship freight.

Freight consolidation is the practice whereby the carrier does not move your shipment unless enough cargo is available to fill an entire truck. You might find your shipment in storage for over one month before it moves.

These carriers won’t transport trucks that are half-full on the road. This makes it both more sustainable and less expensive than standard Shipping.

Depending on your order’s time-sensitive needs, you might consider asking your shipping specialist for this option.

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