What Is Calcium Formate And Where Can I Get It?

Calcium formate is a chemical compound composed of the elements calcium, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. It takes the form of white to yellow crystals or crystalline powder. It has a faint acetic acid odor and is water-soluble. Ca(HCO2)2 is the chemical formula for calcium formate, often known as calyciform. It is available in the form of Calcium Formate 98 percent.

This chemical has several industrial applications, but it is most commonly utilized in the cement industry.

Calcium Formate Applications

Calcium formate is a highly beneficial compound. It is an industrial chemical that is widely utilized in the cement industry. Its applications include:

• Calcium Formate is used as preservative in animal feed. It acidifies the feed, preventing the formation of germs and extending the feed’s shelf life. It inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.

• It is employed as a masking agent in leather chrome tanning because it improves the effectiveness of chromium penetration into the leather.

Calcium formate is often used in the pickling process to replace formic acid.

• It is also used as a cement and grout ingredient. It gives the final product desired qualities. It aids in increasing hardness and decreasing setting time.

• It protects metal substrates within cement or grout from corrosion.

• It inhibits efflorescence quite efficiently.

• Calciumformate acts as a fire retardant.

• Its combinations with urea are excellent deicers. These have a lower corrosion rate on steel and cement surfaces.

Is Calcium Formate Harmless?

Calcium Formate is widely regarded as hazardous due to its toxicity. Exposure to this substance can have both immediate and chronic health consequences. It can cause severe eye damage and discomfort, which can lead to lifelong eye damage. If consumed, it can be quite dangerous. Calcium Formate must be stored and disposed of properly to avoid any negative consequences.

What Is The Manufacturing Process For Calcium Formate?

Calcium Formate is produced industrially by the interaction of calcium hydroxide with carbon monoxide at high pressure and temperature. Calcium chloride and formic acid can also be used to make it.

Where Can I Purchase Calcium FormateInBulk?

Calcium Formate may be available in tiny quantities in your region. However, importing large amounts of Calcium Formate directly from the producers is preferred. They can give certifications as well as economic benefits over purchasing the chemical in small amounts locally or via a distributor.

If you need large quantities of this chemical, you may purchase it on our website or contact us at Bisley for more information.

How Is Calcium Formate Disseminated?

Calcium Formate is delivered in the following containers:

• PP bags with a weight capacity of 25kg per bag

• Kraft bags with a weight capacity of 25kg per bag

• Large bags with a weight capacity of 1200kg per bag

What Is The Current Calcium Formate Cost?

Because calcium formate is a commodity product, its price is generally affected by the cost of raw materials, transportation, and other industrial inputs such as labor and taxes. Please contact us for the most recent Calcium Formate pricing, and we will offer a quotation up to your country.

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