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The editorial focus of Cybersecurity Magazine is on actionable solutions that contribute to positive changes in cyberspace. The following is an example of a possible solution:

  • Home improvement, 
  • Business
  • Finance,
  • Automotive
  • Lifestyle,
  • Technology
  • Vacations with the family or for parents,
  • Entertainment

However, the fact that the solution must solve an issue that has been identified is of the utmost importance.


An abstract consisting of one to two paragraphs is required to be submitted for approval. Your abstract has to provide a high-level synopsis of the information that the article will cover.

Article Length

Typical article: The number of words in a standard article ranges from 500 to 1 700. Unless another arrangement is mutually agreed upon, the vast majority of the articles will be standard articles.

Article Specifications

Using Microsoft Word is a viable option for composing articles.

Make use of headers and subheadings, and consider including phrases or questions in some of them. By taking a cursory look at the article’s headers and subheadings, the reader ought should be able to form a solid understanding of the content that the article presents.

Photographs, any creative work, as well as any pictures and text must be submitted in separate files.

Any photographs that are sent in for consideration to be included in an article need to have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch.

It would be helpful if you could submit all of the photographs as either a TIFF, an EPS, or a high-resolution JPEG. The scale of all photos should be increased above what is required for use in conjunction with the content. We are unable to increase the resolution of an image that is just 2 inches by 2 inches by reproducing it at a size of 4 inches by 4 inches.

Images with a low resolution will not be accepted.

The layout of your piece will be designed by our in-house art department once it has been determined that it will be published.

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